This Data Bundle provides all the historical fundamentals data for understanding a company’s business model, institutional holders, and mutual fund owners. Balance statements, income statements, and cashflow statements direct from the SEC are in an easy-to-use format for historical analysis and cross-company comparisons.


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This historical fundamentals data is part of our IEX Cloud Company Fundamentals data bundles offering.


  • As Reported SEC Filings - Returns raw financial data reported in 10-K and 10-Q SEC filings.

  • Balance Sheet - Financial statements that outline a company assets & liabilities.

  • Cash Flow - Financial statements that outline total money amounts being transfered into and out of companies.

  • Fundamental Valuations - Valuation inputs, key financial performance, growth and valuation ratios.

  • Fundamentals - Data as reported by 2850+ companies from their financial statements: income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

  • Income Statement - Income statement data, pulled quarterly or annually.

  • Insider Summary - Aggregated insider transaction summary data of U.S. stocks for the last 6 months.

  • Insider Transactions - Historical, individual insider transactions for U.S. stocks.

  • Insiders - Historical record of insider positions for U.S. stocks.

  • Institutional Holders - Returns the top 10 institutional holders by default, defined as buy-side or sell-side firms.

  • Mutual Fund Holders - Returns the top 10 fund holders by default, meaning any firm not defined as buy-side or sell-side that manages funds on behalf of others.