Corporate Actions#

Corporate Actions includes security swaps, dividends, splits, bonuses, and spin-off announcements.

The following image shows dividend information returned from the Corporate Actions bundle’s Dividends endpoint.


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  • Bonus Rights & Capitalizations - Corporate action bonus issue. A stock dividend, allotted by the company to reward the shareholders, and issued out of the reserves of the company.

  • Distributions - Distribution announcements, including ex-dates, the ending number of shares, and more.

  • Dividends - A distribution of a company’s earnings to a specified class of its shareholders and alters the stock price.

  • Return of Capital - Offerings of additional or new shares to current shareholders.

  • Right to Purchase - Corporate action right to purchase including ex-dates, number of ending shares, and more.

  • Rights Issue - Corporate action rights issue. An offering of additional or new shares to current shareholders.

  • Security Reclassification - Security reclassification announcements, including ex-dates, resulting security types, and par values.

  • Security Swap - Financial contracts where two parties agree to exchange payments with each other based on stock price, interest rate, or commodity.

  • Spinoffs & Demergers - Companies creating new independent companies by selling or distributing shares of their existing business.

  • Splits - Regular and reverse stock splits.

  • Upcoming Dividends - Returns all upcoming dividends for a given symbol or the market.

  • Upcoming Splits - Returns all upcoming splits for a given symbol or the market.