IEX Cloud Data Bundles#

Access to IEX Cloud’s real-time and historical production-ready financial data is available through Data Bundles that you purchase. A Data Bundle is a permissioned aggregation of datasets, focused around a financial category. You can purchase Data Bundles that suit your needs. As a friend of an emu once said, Only pay for what you need. (wink wink).


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You can purchase Data Bundles in the Console.

Market Data#

Data Bundle


Equities Market Data

Real-time IEX exchange quote feed, 15-minute delayed quotes from all exchanges. It includes our trading book and market endpoints and more.

Historical Data

Historical stock prices for US equities and has endpoints that facilitate charting stock performance.

IEX Bid, Ask, and Last Trade

Real-time equity prices from IEX’s Nationally Regulated Stock Exchange.

Company and Corporate Actions Data#

Data Bundle


Company Data

Everything you would expect to see when viewing a security or company page. Sector, industry, location, website, address, and CEO information all in one package.

Corporate Actions

Includes security swaps, dividends, splits, bonuses, and spin-off announcements.


The latest initial public offerings of new companies as they make their debut in US equity markets. Understand the calendar of future offerings and what is happening today.

Company Fundamentals#

Data Bundle



Balance statements, income statements, and cashflow statements, direct from the SEC, in an easy-to-use format that facilitates historical analysis and cross-company comparisons.

Statistics and Valuation Ratios

Company statistics such as EBITDA, ratios, key financial data, and more.


News - Examine trends across industries and competitors by combining our stock peers and news endpoints.

Forex / Currency#

Forex / Currency - Get real-time conversion rates for 50+ currency pairs.

Options Data#

Options Data - Stock options data.

Economic Data#

Economic Data - Included with any Apperate plan and during Free Trial! Information on macroeconomics, commodities, treasuries, rates, and mortgages.

Reference Data#

Reference Data - Included with any Apperate plan and during Free Trial! Symbols, supported sector names and tags, scheduled holidays and information on exchanges.

Free Trial#

Your Free Trial includes access to all data bundles.

What’s Next#

Explore the Data Bundles listed above–they’re described in detail in the articles that follow. Get the data bundles you need to power fintech apps and services!


Purchase Data Bundles in the Console.