Company Data#

Company Data includes everything you’d expect to see when viewing a security or company page. Sector, industry, location, website, address, and CEO information is all in one package for your developers.

The following image shows general company information returned from the Company Data bundle’s Company Information endpoint.


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Rule Event Facts#


Apperate and its features (including this feature) are deprecated.

Create rules that filter on the following facts.




Chief executive officer of the company


Identifier of the primary exchange the company is traded in

CEO Salary

Salary of the chief executive officer of the company


Central Index Key (CIK), if available for the company. The CIK is used to identify entities that are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


Number of employees

Issue Type

Common issue type of the stock.
ad - ADR
cs - Common Stock
cef - Closed End Fund
et - ETF
oef - Open Ended Fund
ps - Preferred Stock
rt - Right
struct - Structured Product
ut - Unit
wi - When Issued
wt - Warrant
empty - Other


Sector the company belongs to

Security Type

Type of security.
Supported Values:
• A BLANK value is possible
• Barbados Depositostry Receipts
• Bond
• Basket Warrant
• Convertible Debenture
• Share Depository Certificate
• Chess Depository Interest
• Convertible Notes
• Conversion
• Commodity
• Certificate
• Convertible Unsecured Loan Stock
• Currency
• Contingent Value Rights
• Covered Warrant
• Debenture
• Derivatives
• Depository Receipts
• Distribution Rights
• Deferred Settlement Trading
• Equity Shares
• Exchange Traded Commodities
• Exchange Traded Fund
• Exchange Traded Notes
• Fund
• Global Depository Notes
• Irredeemable Convertible Loan Stock
• Index
• Interval Fund
• Inflation
• Interbank Offered Rate
• Letter of Allotment
• Unit Trust
• Non Convertible Debenture
• Non-Redeemable Convertible Cumulative Preference S
• Notes
• Partly Convertible Debenture
• Perpetual Exchangeable Repurchaseable Listed Share
• Preferred Security
• Poison Pill Rights
• Preference Share
• Parallel Line
• Redeemable Convertible Secured Loan Stocks
• Redeemable Convertible Secured Notes
• Receipt
• Redemption Rights
• Redeemable Shares
• Redeemable Optional Convertible Preference Shares
• rights
• Redeemable Unconvertible Notes
• Structured Product
• Subscription Receipts
• Second Trading Line
• Stapled Security
• Swap Rate
• Tradeable Rights
• Tendered Shares Security
• Unit Investment Trust
• Units
• Warrants
• When Distributed
• When Issued

See also

See also the Commonly Available Rule Event Facts.