Use IEX Cloud Core Financial Data#

Here’s an overview of the IEX Cloud Data bundles and the things you can do with the data.

Get Data Bundles#

The core financial data endpoints are available in Data Bundles you can purchase. Here are the bundle categories:

After you’ve purchased a data bundle, you can make requests to its endpoints and view its API Reference page for helpful examples and more.


Grayed-out endpoints in the Console and API Reference must be purchased in order to use them. You can get all the endpoints by purchasing data bundles available in the Console.

To learn more about the Data Bundles and their endpoints, click on one of the category links above or visit Data Bundles.

Query Data#

IEX Cloud Data includes real-time data and historical data, and much of the data is time series–you can query it by a date/time range. All data endpoints have an API Reference page (like the one shown above) and Console pages. Each dataset’s overview page includes an Example request (highlighted below) you can click to execute.

See Query Core Data to learn more!

Connect with Streaming Data#

With specific Apperate plans and purchase of specific data bundles, you can connect with SSE Streaming (Grow plan and Enterprise plan) on specific symbols or connect with Firehose (Enterprise plan) to stream on all symbols simultaneously. You can filter on data at specific time intervals too.

Leverage Financial Identifier Resolution#

Apperate resolves equivalent financial identifiers. For example, when you query on a Nasdaq (INET) symbol, Apperate automatically matches it with records that use equivalent supported symbols (symbols from a supported symbologies, such as FIGI or ISIN).

In the image above, for example, Apperate matches AAPL (Apple’s INET symbol) with records that use Apple’s ISIN symbol.

Create APIs from SQL-Based Views#

You can use Apperate’s SQL interface to aggregate data into views. Apperate generates an API endpoint for each view. A view’s Overview page includes the original SQL statement and an example HTTP request to try out.

See Create a View to create custom data views.

What’s Next#

Here are some great ways to get started:

Browse the Data Bundles for the data you need. The data bundle pages link directly to the respective API endpoint pages, so you can start using data fast.

Query Core Data demonstrates browsing dataset endpoints in the API Reference and calling them.

Work with Core Time Series Data in the Console shows you how to explore datasets, query them, and access their docs from the Apperate Console.

Process Events and Send Alerts guides you in creating rules that filter on IEX Cloud Data events and that send content-filled alerts for those events.