Use Core Data#

IEX Cloud comes with 5+ terabytes of built-in financial data to power fintech applications. It includes real-time financial data and historical time series financial data. Both data types are described here.

Real-Time Financial Data#


IEX Cloud’s financial data API reference is currently split between the current API Reference and the Legacy API Reference. Until we finish refactoring legacy real-time endpoints, including stock quotes, into Apperate, please see the Legacy API Reference for the IEX Cloud core real-time data.

The Legacy API Reference describes everything you need to get IEX Cloud real-time financial data.

Here’s an overview:

Each endpoint reference includes the HTTP request structure, data weighting (for legacy plans), data timing and schedule, data sources, examples, path/query parameters, and response attributes.

To start calling these endpoints, see Getting Real-Time Core Financial Data.

Time Series Financial Data#

Apperate’s built-in historical time series data is available as datasets (a.k.a. Core Datasets) that you can query and join with other datasets to create views. The datasets are available in the console at Data → Datasets → Core.

Each dataset Overview page provides an example request URL that you can click to get the dataset’s last record.


A dataset’s Database page (the tab is next to Overview) provides an interface for modifying data records and a SQL editor for querying the dataset or combine it with other datasets to create views.

The Overview page’s Open Docs button opens the dataset’s GET /data endpoint reference page.

Now you’re familiar with the API references for the core real-time financial data and the core historical time-series financial data.

What’s Next#

To get real-time IEX Cloud financial data, see Getting Real-Time Core Financial Data.

To get IEX Cloud historical time series IEX Cloud financial data, check out Getting Time Series Core Financial Data.

Interested in storing your application data in Apperate? Learn how at Write and Read a Record.