Developer Tools#

Apperate APIs#

Apperate’s APIs help you get data fast, operate on data, and manage Apperate resources.

iex.js Library#

The iex.js library makes it easy to get data into your JavaScript apps. Its methods wrap calls to Apperate’s data endpoints and CRUD operation endpoints.

Example: getting a stock quote

const {Client} = require("@apperate/iexjs");

async function yourFunction() {
    const client = new Client({version: "v1"});
      workspace: "CORE",
      id: "QUOTE",
      key: "AMZN"}).then((data) => {
          "AMZN " + data[0].latestPrice +
          " at " + new Date(data[0].latestUpdate));



AMZN 102.78 at Mon May 01 2023 17:57:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

What’s Next#

Using Apperate’s APIs introduces the REST-based data endpoints and resource APIs to get you started querying data and managing Apperate programatically.

iex.js Library demonstrates invoking endpoints more easily in JavaScript.