Example: Get Stock Quotes#

Stock Quotes are just one of the many financial data types IEX Cloud Financial Data offers. The Stock Quote endpoint is in the Equities Market Data bundle, available for purchase in the Console.

Here we’ll guide you in exploring the Stock Quotes endpoint, calling its sample request, and modifying the request to get stock quotes you want.


This API for getting stock data is part of our IEX Cloud Market Data bundles offering.


IEX Cloud Apperate account - Create one here.

Step 1: Go to the Stock Quotes Endpoint Page#

Go to the Stock Quote endpoint reference. The endpoint reference page appears.


The Stock Quotes page is in the Apperate API Docs at IEX Cloud Data → Equities Market Data → Stock Quote.

The HTTP Request/Response shows a live example endpoint HTTP request and response.

The Response Attributes table describes the response. The image below shows some of the response attribute descriptions.

Example HTTP Requests lists example requests you can sample.

Step 2: Execute an Example HTTP Request#

Click an example HTTP request to see stock quote results for yourself. A response like the one below appears in your browser.

    "avgTotalVolume": 28151113,
    "calculationPrice": "tops",
    "change": 3.02,
    "changePercent": 0.01055,
    "close": null,
    "closeSource": "official",
    "closeTime": null,
    "companyName": "Microsoft Corporation",
    "currency": "USD",
    "delayedPrice": null,
    "delayedPriceTime": null,
    "extendedChange": null,
    "extendedChangePercent": null,
    "extendedPrice": null,
    "extendedPriceTime": null,
    "high": 291.54,
    "highSource": "IEX real time price",
    "highTime": 1681738634232,
    "iexAskPrice": 290,
    "iexAskSize": 200,
    "iexBidPrice": 289.15,
    "iexBidSize": 233,
    "iexClose": 289.16,
    "iexCloseTime": 1681739455859,
    "iexLastUpdated": 1681739455859,
    "iexMarketPercent": 0.017189150976564066,
    "iexOpen": 289.89,
    "iexOpenTime": 1681738200030,
    "iexRealtimePrice": 289.16,
    "iexRealtimeSize": 7,
    "iexVolume": 72848,
    "lastTradeTime": 1681739455859,
    "latestPrice": 289.16,
    "latestSource": "IEX real time price",
    "latestTime": "9:50:55 AM",
    "latestUpdate": 1681739455859,
    "latestVolume": 4238022,
    "low": 288.415,
    "lowSource": "IEX real time price",
    "lowTime": 1681739260403,
    "marketCap": 2152450229602,
    "oddLotDelayedPrice": null,
    "oddLotDelayedPriceTime": null,
    "open": null,
    "openTime": null,
    "openSource": "official",
    "peRatio": 32.16,
    "previousClose": 286.14,
    "previousVolume": 20987917,
    "primaryExchange": "NASDAQ",
    "symbol": "MSFT",
    "volume": 4238022,
    "week52High": 292.08,
    "week52Low": 212.3,
    "ytdChange": 0.2066834465899285,
    "isUSMarketOpen": true

Refer the Response Attributes table for descriptions of each response attribute.

Step 3: Refine the Request to Get Stock Quotes You Want#

You can replace the example request’s stock symbol to a stock you want a quote for. For example, in your browser, replace symbol in the example HTTP request URL.


It’s just that easy to get the latest stock quotes you want!

What’s Next#

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