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Tailored solutions for demanding applications and established businesses
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All features included with Scale plan
Volume pricing solutions
Custom core messages
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Invoice billing available
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$1 per 3 million messages/mo Messages are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud
plus 2 billion core messages/mo
All features included with Grow plan
Data Firehose Firehose streams the latest data from IEX Cloud for all available US symbols through a single connection
Access to Alpha Products
99.95% Uptime SLA
Priority Customer support
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$1 per 2 million messages/mo Messages are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud
plus 100 million core messages/mo
All features included with Launch plan
Signed Requests Signed Requests allow IEX Cloud to verify who uses your token, protect data in transit, and help prevent fraudulent use of your account
Email & Chat support
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$1 per 1 million messages/mo Messages are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud
plus 5 million core messages/mo
All features included with Start plan
Full access to Core Data
Personal & Commercial use
Premium Data & Add-ons
SSE Streaming SSE (Server-sent events) streaming streams the latest data from IEX Cloud for up to 50 symbols through a single connection
Email support
Get started with 500,000 free Core messages/mo. Non-commercial use only.
500,000 core messages/mo Messages are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud
Unlimited Investors Exchange data
Unlimited Sandbox Testing
Limited access to Core Data
Core Data
Real-time and historical financial data included with all paid plans.
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Intraday U.S. Stock Prices
Historical U.S. Stock Prices (5Y)
Historical Intl Stock Prices (5Y)
Earnings (last)
Dividends (last)
Splits (last)
Reference Data
Mutual Funds
Premium Data
Go beyond Core Data with specialized datasets,
available as an add-on with all paid plans.
Curated datasets
Sourced from a range of data creators
Pay-as-you-go model
Only pay for what you consume
Easy to use
All-in-one API for Core and Premium Data
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Other add-ons
Useful add-on tools that help you build more efficiently
Rules Engine
Evaluate thousands of data points per second to deliver customized, event-driven alerts
Cloud Cache
Efficiently consume messages on IEX Cloud, without having to set up your own data storage infrastructure
Slots Monthly cost
100 $50
500 $150
2,500 $350
10,000 $950
50,000 $3,500
250,000 $12,500
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99.95% Uptime SLA
M-F 8am-5pm ET
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1 business day
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M-F 9:30am-5pm ET
Response Time:
2 business days
Email Support
M-F 9:30am-4pm ET
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What is a message?

Messages are the fundamental units used to access data and make API calls on IEX Cloud. Every API endpoint has a “data weight” that indicates how many messages are used every time you make that API call.

The message system allows you to customize how you use your IEX Cloud subscription. You can use a higher volume of lower-weighted endpoints, fewer higher-weighted endpoints, or a combination.

IEX Cloud automatically keeps track of how many messages you have used and how many remain with your plan in your IEX Cloud Console. Before getting started, check out our API documentation to see how many messages are needed for the data you want to use.

Which IEX Cloud plan is right for me?

Each IEX Cloud plan includes a monthly allocation of core messages, or a set number of messages that are automatically included with your subscription, as well as a designated set of tools and available datasets. Higher plans offer a cheaper cost-per-message, a larger core number of messages, and a broader set of tools and data.

You can determine which plan is right for you by approximating how many messages you will need on a monthly basis. Estimate your monthly usage by first choosing the data you would like to use, referencing those endpoints’ message weightings in our documentation, and taking into account how frequently you will request this data.

If you use all your core messages, you can continue accessing data using pay-as-you-go messages.

When can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel?

You can request to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time in the IEX Cloud Console. Upgrades will be applied to your account immediately and are charged for the current month on a prorated basis.

Downgrades and cancellations will be applied to your account at the end of the month for monthly users and at the end of the annual billing cycle for annual users. We are unable to provide prorated refunds for downgrades or cancellations.

What is Core Data vs. Premium Data?

Core Data, such as stock data, cryptocurrency data, and FX data, can be accessed using the messages that you are allocated as part of your monthly subscription. If you run out of messages for the month, you can pay for Core Data at the pay-as-you-go rate.

Premium Data is specialized data sourced from various Data Partners, made available through the IEX Cloud API separately from our Core Data. Premium Data cannot be accessed using the messages you are allocated automatically through your subscription and uses the pay-as-you-go rate included with your IEX Cloud plan. To enable access to Premium Data, go to the Premium Data tab in the IEX Cloud Console.

Both Core and Premium data have designated message weighting that can be found in our documentation.

What happens if I sign-up or upgrade mid-month?

If you purchase a plan or upgrade mid-month, you pay a prorated amount based on when you purchased your new plan in the current calendar month. Your cost-per-message and core messages will be immediately updated to the reflect your new plan. Moving forward, your core message allocations will reset at the upgraded plan’s level at the beginning of each calendar month.

Please see our Terms of Service for additional detail on how you will be invoiced for upgrades.


"Getting real-time and historical prices with IEX Cloud to power our stock market education app has been orders of magnitude cheaper than our previous solution. Integrating the API was straightforward and their customer service has been first-rate."

Mike Maguire

Lead Developer, BLUECHXP

Atom Finance uses IEX Cloud

"IEX Cloud's API has been very easy to use and has been highly performative, with low latency."

Eric Shoykhet

CEO, Atom Finance

Pricing Philosophy

When we set out to build IEX Cloud, we wanted to find a way to make the platform accessible to everyone while still building a sustainable business.

IEX Cloud was built on the idea that you should be able to get all the financial data you need in one place and only pay for what you use. But not all data provides the same value. We created a weighting system to ensure data is assigned a fair value based on two factors: frequency and acquisition cost.

Frequency of data is how often the data updates. Data such as real-time prices update thousands of times per day, but data such as earnings updates in months. So, for example, a single stock quote has a weight of 1, while a company's latest EPS has a weight of 1000.

Acquisition cost is based on the amount of resources required to source and maintain data. Some data is published through public feeds, while some requires large teams to validate, clean, and categorize.

It’s all spelled out in our documentation, and we welcome feedback on how we can make this system more clear and easy to use.

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