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Free Investors Exchange data.
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New partnerships bring you the best available third-party data including U.S. & International equities, fundamentals, estimates, ownership, options, commodities, forex, mutual funds, OTC, crypto, and more.
Display all data for free.
Powerful products.
Financial data API, SSE streaming, webhooks, real-time alerts engine, and more on the way.
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Who we are.

IEX Cloud is built by developers at IEX Group – the company that created the Investors Exchange, a stock exchange on a mission to build fairer markets. This new platform draws on our experience building highly performant, reliable systems at scale, while remaining true to our commitment to democratizing access to data and facilitating innovation. The story behind the founding of IEX was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ 2014 book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.

We get it.

Through our work at IEX, we’ve built high-performance applications that use services and financial data from a range of third-party vendors. Like you, we’ve become frustrated with the hurdles to innovation, from expensive access to out-of-date technology and a lack of focus on the features that developers really want. We believe you should have an option that is accessible, reliable, and gives you the tools you need to turn a concept into reality.

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Launching early 2019