The Financial Data API You Can Trust.

From the financial data experts at IEX.

How it works

Three steps. Two minutes.
The easiest way to develop real-time data experiences.


Connect Data

Connect data in the system in three ways:

  • Purchase access to our IEX Cloud Data Bundles
  • Write your data to our Event Store via API, URL, or CSV file upload
  • Stream your data into our Event Router using our Connectors

Shape Data

Once connected, shape data into products in several ways:

  • Filter data with our intuitive Stateful Rules
  • Enrich data with IEX Cloud Data Bundles and Reference Data
  • Unify financial data with automated financial identifier resolution
  • Create views with SQL to generate customized APIs and Alerts
  • Transform data with Serverless Functions

Deliver Data

Deliver data to your desired destination in one of two ways:

  • Publish events via our Serverless Event Router
  • RESTful API call via our performant API Gateway

Common Use Cases

Market Data Visualization

  • Chart data to track asset prices and key indicators over time
  • Display fundamental data to analyze trending of financial health 
  • Links to helpful resources to build charts.

Investment Analysis

  • Provide real-time valuation metrics to enable investment decisions.
  • Build tools for fundamental and technical analysis.
  • Surface relevant company data and news.