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The easiest way
to build financial applications

Build and scale financial applications faster on IEX Cloud. We simplified legal terms and revolutionized pricing so you can just build.

Build and scale your applications

Connecting you to the financial data & tools to help you build for your customers.

Core Financial Data API

Access financial data and market data across multiple assets classes, all in one place.

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Alternative Data API

Go beyond finance to add additional insight and take your project to the next level.

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Developer Tools

Features and products designed to help you spend less time managing data and more time building.

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Go from idea
to building in minutes.

Simple signup

Our platform is designed to be simple so you can build more and worry less.

Easy integration

Our platform works with the tools you use every day – NLP, SSE, REST, webhooks – with more on the way.

Data at your fingertips

Connecting you with Investors Exchange and third-party data all in one place, including U.S. & International equities, fundamentals, estimates, ownership, options, commodities, forex, mutual funds, OTC, crypto, and more.

Fair, scalable pricing

We made pricing accessible and scalable to fit your needs. Investors Exchange data is free to use and all data can be displayed for free.

Designed for developers

Our modern platform works with all the tools you use every day so you can integrate using your favorite method and get started right away.

  • curl 'https://cloud.iexapis.com/v1/stock/aapl/ohlc/?token={your_token}'
  • {
    • open: {
      • price: 199.01,
      • time: 1542033000818
    • },
    • close: {
      • price: 204.47,
      • time: 1541797200568
    • },
    • high: 199.85,
    • low: 193.79
  • }

Get started with our platform, for free.

Using IEX Cloud is simple and seamless. Sign up for free and start building right away.

Our commitment to developers

Existing financial data offerings aren't built for modern developers. They are too expensive, restrictive, and complicated.

We're building IEX Cloud to break down those barriers and give developers what they need to turn their ideas into reality – and bring more innovation into financial markets. It's a mission that's built into our DNA. At IEX Group, we believe transparency and access to data are critical to fair markets. The Investors Exchange, also part of IEX Group, is known for bringing that philosophy to the stock market by leveling the playing field for investors and bringing transparency to exchange costs.

At IEX Cloud, we're here to make financial data and services accessible to everyone – starting with you, the developer.

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