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Photo of IEX Cloud
Photo of IEX Cloud
IEX Cloud, an IEX Group company
IEX Group was founded in 2012 with a simple mission: build fairer markets.
The company started by building a new stock exchange – the Investors Exchange – that aims to level the playing field for long-term investors such as mutual funds and pension funds that represent the savings of millions of people. The story behind the founding of IEX was chronicled in Michael Lewis’ 2014 book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt.
IEX Group founded in New York
IEX Services LLC launches as an off-exchange marketplace (ATS)
Flash Boys by Michael Lewis published, featuring IEX’s founding story
IEX Group raises $75 million funding round to drive growth

Investors Exchange approved as a national stock exchange

Investors Exchange launches as a national stock exchange

IEX Group launches API

IEX Cloud available in beta
IEX Group announces official launch of IEX Cloud
IEX Cloud launches Apperate
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Our commitment to developers

At IEX Group, we believe transparency and access to data are critical to fair markets. The Investors Exchange, also part of IEX Group and an IEX Cloud customer, is known for bringing that philosophy to the stock market by leveling the playing field for investors and bringing transparency to exchange costs.

Existing financial data offerings aren't built for modern technology. They are too expensive, restrictive, and complicated. Now, we are building IEX Cloud to break down those barriers and give our customers what they need to turn their ideas into reality – and bring more innovation into financial markets. It's a mission that's built into our DNA.

SprinkleBit uses IEX Cloud
Bloom uses IEX Cloud
IGG uses IEX Cloud
Treis uses IEX Cloud
United Income uses IEX Cloud
Alis Fund uses IEX Cloud
Hatch Invest uses IEX Cloud
Soft Capital uses IEX Cloud
Commonstock uses IEX Cloud
Investroo uses IEX Cloud
Atom Finance uses IEX Cloud
Giant Machines uses IEX Cloud
StockInvest uses IEX Cloud
Jellifin uses IEX Cloud
Photo of IEX office
Photo of IEX office
Photo of IEX office
Photo of IEX office
Photo of IEX office
Photo of IEX office

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