Rules Engine BETA

Event-driven, automated rules for serverless data analysis

Evaluate thousands of data points per second and deliver data through our Rules Engine.

A new way to interact with IEX Cloud

Build custom event-driven alerts and data-driven conditions, all from the IEX Cloud Console.

No coding necessary

Schedule custom alerts and event-driven data delivery with the click of a button.

Powerful filters

Select the precise conditions for when and how you want to push alerts and data.

Complex use cases made easy

Incorporate multiple datasets and conditions into your rules.

Store data without server setups

Automatically save data to logs on IEX Cloud without setting up any storage infrastructure.

One interface,
countless possibilities

Here are just a few examples:

Get estimates or financials delivered right to email as soon as they’re available.

Trigger a webhook when there’s a sudden price change on a stock.

Chain multiple rules together. For instance, see when any stock’s price changed by 5% with a P/E ratio lower than 10.

Learn more about using Rules Engine →

Getting started is easy

Use our help documentation and examples to guide you along the way.