April 19, 2021

Update to Terms: FINRA-registered Individuals Can Now Use IEX Cloud

We've updated our Terms of Use to make the platform available to more people.

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IEX Cloud Team

The past several months have been big ones at IEX Cloud. We made foundational upgrades to the platform that significantly expanded our data offering and introduced more simplified pricing. We’ve now taken an additional step in making a small but important update to our Terms of Use.

What’s new?

We’re pleased to share that the platform is now open for use to FINRA-registered individuals. This means if you are FINRA-registered, you can now create an account and use data from IEX Cloud.

This limitation was previously in place due to a former data partner’s requirements. As a part of the larger expansion and data upgrade, we’re now sourcing data from a new consortium of industry-trusted data providers with fewer restrictions. As a result, this migration also enabled us to make this improvement to our Terms of Use.

Other updates include minor adjustments intended to make our Terms of Use clearer and easier to understand. We also added detail about packages and our new Individual and Business plans that we launched in February. These changes do not impact the way current users use the service.

What’s next at IEX Cloud?

Breaking down barriers to financial data – which includes making data available to those who need it – is core to IEX Cloud’s mission. Our team is continuously working to enhance our data offering and expand the audience we can serve.

Check out our recent press release to read more about our vision and what’s next for the platform. We’re excited to continue serving you as you build and create.

Thank you again for supporting IEX Cloud!