March 24, 2021

OAuth 2.0 on IEX Cloud

Build OAuth applications to provide your users access to financial data – while avoiding costs and complicated entitlements.

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IEX Cloud Team

Build OAuth applications to provide your users access to financial data – while avoiding costs and complicated entitlements.

Why use OAuth with IEX Cloud?

Building a financial application is one thing – navigating the nuances of provisioning financial data to your end users is another. The process is filled with complexities: from tracking usage, to managing costs, to simply ensuring you have the proper data licenses.

Building OAuth applications with IEX Cloud helps you sidestep these barriers. Your end users authenticate with their own IEX Cloud credentials on your app, connecting them directly with the full breadth of financial data from our platform.

If you’re supporting internal applications at a larger organization, you’re also given the power to manage who uses your plan all in one central place.

IEX Cloud supports a standard OAuth 2.0 flow. Learn more

Give your end users direct access to their own IEX Cloud account on your application (Ideal for apps and websites supporting customers)

Your business gets to provide data to your end users without the costs and extra work of provisioning it.

For instance, for your customer to view a visualization or chart on your application, you can require them to first authenticate into their own IEX Cloud accounts.

  • You save money by having your end users pay for their own usage. With an OAuth application you’re not responsible for managing their data consumption.
  • Your users self-manage their entitlements and choose exactly what level of data access they need – whether that’s data from certain exchanges, Premium Data, or simply free data.

In receiving their own licenses, users accessing data through your OAuth application have all the same benefits as accessing that data from IEX Cloud directly.

You can also earn a referral reward on your own account every time your end users purchase a plan. If your end users sign up for IEX Cloud using your referral code, you’ll earn back 10% of their total plan cost upon purchase. Learn more about our referral program.

Manage data usage across an organization – cost-effectively and in one central place (Ideal for supporting internal applications)

Roll usage up into one single account for all your teams or internal users. With a Business plan, you can create tokens for each team or internal user. Each user authenticates with OAuth using the token you provision to them.

  • You can centrally enable, disable, and throttle data access for all your tokens – making it easy to manage the organization’s usage of your plan in one place.
  • No extra costs for supporting additional applications – you pay for the data you use, not where and how you use it internally.
  • If a user accesses the same data multiple times – even across different applications – you only pay for it once. With Cloud Cache, we keep track of what data a user has already requested from IEX Cloud in each calendar month, so you don’t get charged repeatedly for the same data points. Or as we say it, “buy it once, use it anywhere.”

To learn more about using OAuth for your internal applications, contact us directly at

OAuth on IEX Cloud is designed for ease of use:

  • Authentication is seamless for your end users. Once your end user has signed up for IEX Cloud, they can log into their account without ever leaving your application or website.
  • Our documentation includes sample code to help make implementation easy for developers.

How to get started

Creating an OAuth 2.0 application is free and currently only available with our Business and legacy Scale plans.

You can sign up for a Business plan here, or upgrade your existing plan in the IEX Cloud Console here.

Since this is a recent platform improvement, we’re interested in hearing more about how customers are using it and can provide additional support as you implement. Contact us at to set up a call with our team and receive additional guidance.

You can also get started on your own by following the instructions in our GitHub, and reviewing our API documentation as an additional reference.

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