May 17, 2021

Introducing the New IEX Cloud Community Portal

The innovation we see from our users is inspiring and we’re proud to host one of the fastest-growing financial data communities on the web today.

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Jessie Schroeder

Since launching IEX Cloud in early 2019, our community has grown at an astonishing rate. Thousands of developers, individual investors, academics, and startups have joined the platform to build, research, analyze, and iterate. The innovation we see from our users is inspiring and we’re proud to host one of the fastest-growing financial data communities on the web today.

A growing community also comes with an increased need for resources. We’ve recognized the necessity of more robust support channels as well as new ways for users to share projects, collaborate with one another, and receive timely updates about what’s happening inside IEX Cloud.

With the help of feedback collected directly from our users, we’re excited to launch the newest tool on our platform: the IEX Cloud community portal.

The IEX Cloud community portal

The IEX Cloud community portal is a place for financial data professionals to find answers to questions, share projects with a broader audience, participate in and attend events, and most importantly, network with others in the industry.


From workshops to conferences to hackathons and office hours, we’re building out a robust events schedule for the next year and beyond, and we want you to get involved. The event section of the community portal is where you can view our upcoming or previous events as well as find information on ways to get involved with our event programs.

Explore events

The Authors at IEX Cloud Program

The Authors at IEX Cloud Program is an exciting way for members of the community to create content for our public knowledge base. Publish articles to a global audience, all while receiving cash payment for your contributions.

Learn more about Authors at IEX Cloud

The IEX Cloud blog

The community portal is the new home of our blog. Our blog has always been a place where you can find insight into our product or see what's happening in the financial data space.

In addition to articles from IEX Cloud and our partners, we’ll be opening it up to you as a place to highlight projects you’re building or share your knowledge with the rest of the community. This can include writing articles and tutorials with Authors at IEX Cloud, or simply spotlighting details about what you’re creating.

Read the latest articles

Get involved as a developer or data source

Explore or contribute to our open-source libraries, share your project with our team, and if you have your own dataset provide, reach out to us to learn more about joining our ecosystem. The data partners section of the community portal will provide information on our data partner programs and showcase ways to get involved.

Our community of data partners enable developers on our platform to create the next generation of financial data applications.

Visit the developer and data partner portal

Community Forum – coming soon!

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re excited to launch our first community forum. This is a place to ask questions, get answers, leave feedback, share insight, network with fellow builders, and much more. All IEX Cloud users have access to the forum. Stay tuned for more details!

Built with the future in mind

The real vision for the IEX Cloud community portal is that it will never truly be finished. The data world around us is fast-paced, ever-changing, and always surprising us with what it creates.

We know our community will be right there within that transformation – and that’s why we built a living, breathing space for that innovation to transpire. We hope you enjoy the experience!

Check out the new community portal

To get involved in our community initiatives or pitch your own for IEX Cloud support, reach out to