November 3, 2020

Introducing IEX Cloud Gateway, the Financial Data App on OpenFin

OpenFin users can now access real-time stock prices and financial data through the new IEX Cloud application.

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David Hannibal

Weʼre excited to announce that weʼve launched the new

IEX Cloud Gateway

application, now available through OpenFin.

IEX Cloudʼs Gateway application is a powerful solution that makes it easy to track and monitor key market and financial datasets. Itʼs also the first and only application on OpenFin to make real-time* market data available free of charge.

The first features of IEX Cloud Gateway are available to all OpenFin users, beginning with free, open access to real-time* stock prices. This initial release is just the beginning. In the future, IEX Cloud Gateway will serve as an increasingly robust access point to a growing selection of market data visualizations and datasets.

Introducing IEX Cloud Gateway: Changing the Game for Financial Professionals

IEX Cloud Gateway brings real-time* data from the Investors Exchange to more peopleʼs fingertips than ever before – a major win for those that have long been limited to 15-minute delayed data to keep a pulse on equity prices or reference a particular stock price at a split-second notice.

IEX Cloud is a part of IEX Group, a New York City-based financial technology company and home of IEX Exchange – one of the largest exchanges globally by notional value of shares traded.

The initial release of IEX Cloud Gateway is focused on making the most core, essential datasets accessible. Users can access a full range of real-time* stock prices from the Investors Exchange, including bid, ask, change percent and volume. They can also monitor real-time* U.S. market volume by venue. This also comes with plenty of built-in monitoring capabilities. Users can easily chart stock and ETF prices, build their own customized watchlist of symbols, and see pre-built lists sorted by most active, top gainers, top losers, top volume, and volume percentage.

Screenshot of IEX Cloud Gateway Openfin app

The Creation of IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud was born out of a mission to set new standards for data accessibility and aims to empower innovation across its community.

In 2016, IEX Group received approval from regulators to operate the IEX Exchange, which is committed to providing U.S. market participants with a high-performance trading experience.

Not long after, in 2019, IEX established its IEX Cloud business, which uses its high-performance platform to connect data creators with businesses, individuals, and professionals across the finance and Fintech space.

Today IEX Cloud serves an audience of over 100,000 registered users globally.

OpenFin Helps IEX Cloud Bring its Mission to Life

IEX Cloud chose to deploy its application on OpenFin for a few crucial reasons, starting with the sheer size of its ecosystem – OpenFin currently deploys more than 1,200 desktop applications across more than 225,000 desktops from all corners of the industry and around the world. This means maximum opportunity to complement IEX Cloudʼs powerful datasets with other functionalities, and thousands of end users that would get free access to real-time* stock price data immediately.

In addition, since IEX Cloud will continue to expand the application, OpenFinʼs framework allows for true iterative development, with the ability to make updates and roll out changes quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the OpenFin Operating System (OS) – including interoperability and the ability to widgetize individual components of a given app – enables easy integration, which drives adoption and helps make it simple for end users to bring the application into established workflows.

This is a solution that epitomizes how firms can use both OpenFin and IEX Cloud to make the most of what they want to build. The functionality itself is just one piece of it – leveraging that functionality to unlock synergies with third-party platforms is the kind of democratic development that is the future of our space.

Weʼre proud and excited to make this application available to professionals across the finance space and canʼt wait to bring you even more functionality in the future. Check it out


. If youʼre already an OpenFin user, download the app and get started for free.

* Real-time stock prices from the IEX Cloud API are different from real-time stock data made available through direct connection with IEX Exchange. Learn more.