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February 22, 2021

How Simply Safe Dividends Built Portfolio Management Tools using IEX Cloud

Simply Safe Dividends provides dividend tracking to everyday investors. See how they power their portfolio management tools with intraday stock data from IEX Cloud.

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Matt De Leon

When it comes to building applications, oftentimes the best data provider is the one you can implement quickly and rarely revisit – set it and forget it, so you can focus on creating great products.

This was the kind of solution Simply Safe Dividends sought out when it began building. IEX Cloud provided core, essential stock data that helped solve for that need.

Introducing Simply Safe Dividends

Simply Safe Dividends provides research and portfolio-tracking tools to dividend investors, especially those in retirement seeking to live off dividend income.

Itʼs rewarding for folks to build their own dividend portfolio that throws off consistent cash to fund their retirement, but there are pitfalls to avoid in the process. Thatʼs where Simply Safe Dividends come into play.

After entering their holdings into the portfolio tool, investors are treated with comprehensive reports and automated alerts to monitor their dividend income. For example, Dividend Safety Scores keep investors informed of which holdings are most likely to cut their dividends.

Simply Safe Dividends Portfolio Case Study

“Thanks to IEX Cloudʼs ease of use, intraday pricing took less than a week to add to our website.”

When our product first launched, stock prices updated on the website only at the end of the day, after the market closed. This was a letdown to customers and a major source of confusion when prices went up or down big in a given day.

We set out to find a data vendor that offered intraday price updates. There were several options, but IEX Cloud stood out as having the most transparent pricing model, the best documentation, and the easiest API to get started with quickly.

Above all, IEX Cloud sources stock data directly from IEX Exchange*, which means it can serve as a primary source for most of our intraday stock price updates. This gave us confidence in the dataʼs reliability as well as the serviceʼs sustainability.

Thanks to IEX Cloudʼs ease of use, intraday pricing took less than a week to add to our website. Now, investors can check-in on their portfolios anytime during a trading day and feel that the data up-to-date.

Weʼve been using IEX Cloud for nearly two years and have been impressed with the serviceʼs consistency and reliability. The best compliment may be that we havenʼt had to think much at all about IEX Cloudʼs service since integrating.

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