June 10, 2021

How Point Focal Creates Alt-Data Insight for Buy-Side & Sell-Side Firms

Data is everywhere, especially in financial services – but that doesn’t mean it's easy to create value with the data. Point Focal helps solve this problem with a portfolio analytics innovation stack for asset managers and service providers.

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IEX Cloud Team


Data is everywhere in financial services, but that doesn’t mean it's easy to use that data to create value – even for large investment management firms.

Tune in for a discussion with Point Focal on how it uniquely approaches this challenge. You’ll hear how it creates actionable analytics with alternative data sets, such as off-exchange analytics and crowd-sourced earnings estimates.

This also includes a conversation about what kind of tooling asset managers use, how Point Focal built a portfolio analytics innovation stack and implemented IEX Cloud into their data pipeline, and how that stack transforms data into meaningful insights.


0:00: Introduction

5:35 : Intro to IEX Cloud

9:12: Presentation from Point Focal

51:30: Q&A

Guest Speakers

Thomas Dadmun is the Founder & CEO of Point Focal. He also serves as a lecturer for the Masters of Analytics program at Northeastern University. He worked previously in Data Strategy and Analytics at State Street and was a Market Risk Trader at Leerink Partners.

Charlie O’Connor is the Director of Operations at Point Focal. He worked previously in equity trading at Century Capital, in sales trading with Leerink Partners, and is a former President of the Boston Securities Traders Association.