March 10, 2021

How IEX Cloud and Its Partners Shake Up the Financial Data Space

Innovative a-la-carte pricing and data on-demand are just two of the many ways IEX Cloud gives customers more flexibility and control. Users across the industry can benefit – from individual developers to enterprise teams.

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Tim Baker

For IEX Cloud, the goal was always simple: make institutional-grade data available to everyone – whether you’re an individual investor, a Fintech startup, or a team within a large enterprise. This meant not only building a powerful, easy-to-use API, but crafting our entire business model to uniquely benefit the user.

We’re pleased to share in our recent press release how IEX Cloud is taking on the long-standing pain points of the financial data industry – through both a highly flexible pricing structure, as well as partnerships with best-in-class data partners. IEX Cloud’s enterprise-grade service addresses key challenges for customers by providing data for a fair price, with reasonable terms and conditions, and ease of use.

Flexible pricing and licensing: An industry differentiator

A-la-carte pricing is a core tenet to IEX Cloud’s design. Our pricing gives customers access to a wide range of data, all with one subscription that allows them to scale their plan up or down as their needs change. You can learn more about the philosophy behind our pricing model on our pricing page here.

Introducing an accessible pricing and licensing model is critical for the industry. Global spend on financial information and news topped $32.0 billion in 2019, but rigid licensing terms and one-size-fits-all delivery models leave many individuals and institutional users underserved.

One of the largest underserved audiences is the developer. Developers working on their own or within large organizations find it cumbersome and time consuming to deal with the vagaries of accessing and paying for financial data. It can take months to license access, negotiate the price, and then build in all the entitlement controls necessary to keep track of usage.

Those underserved audiences can now sidestep those barriers with IEX Cloud, where pricing is accessible, you get 150+ enterprise-grade datasets in one place, and sign-up takes a matter of minutes.

Teaming up with best-in-class data partners

The caliber and breadth of data that we’re able to support enables us to serve not only growing Fintechs and individual investors, but large businesses like Seeking Alpha and enterprise teams. This is made possible, of course, by our best-in-class partner network.

Rather than sourcing all our data from one place, we’ve developed partnerships with a consortium of data partners that specialize in particular datasets. This means that we can provide data from partners with dedicated expertise in specific corners of the financial data space.

This model benefits the partners too – they’re given direct access to IEX Cloud’s growing user community. IEX Cloud’s ecosystem of partners continues to grow, including data from independent providers such as New Constructs, Wall Street Horizon, Exact Alpha, and 2iQ Research. To hear more from our partners, check out our full press release.

For more information and to try out IEX Cloud, please visit our homepage at Data providers interested in joining IEX Cloud’s partner program should contact

The future of financial data

IEX Cloud has completely reimagined the model for financial data. Finally, people can access the financial data they need though one API with one subscription from one website.

It's exciting to see that this model is met with enthusiasm and success. The platform continues to make significant expansions, such as our recent platform upgrade. In 2020, shortly after launching IEX Cloud in 2019, we had already grown to over 150,000 registered users from 120 countries.

We sincerely look forward to serving the financial data community for years to come – and now that we’re finally removing these longstanding barriers, we can’t wait to see how our users innovate and create.

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