Production-Ready Core Data#

IEX Cloud Apperate comes with 5+ terabytes of built-in data to power fintech applications and more. Here are some of the data types:

  • Stocks / Equities

  • Forex / Currencies

  • Options

  • Futures

  • Commodities

  • Economic Data

  • Rates

  • News

  • Symbols / Mappings


Apperate includes only historical time series Core Data at this time. We are in the process of migrating real-time legacy data, including stock quotes, into Apperate. In the meantime, please see the Legacy API Reference for the real-time legacy data.

Let’s explore the Core Data.

Exploring Core Data#

All the data is available at REST API endpoints, and much of the data is available as datasets (requires Apperate plan) that you can also use in views. Apperate lists these datasets (Core Data) at Data → Datasets → Core.

Like all Apperate datasets, you can access their records via REST endpoints and via the dataset SQL editor.

The Apperate API Reference describes all the Core Data REST endpoints.

What’s Next#

Now that you’ve been introduced to Core Data, here are some topics to consider next.

Using Core Data: These articles demonstrate querying real-time and time series data.

Migrating and Import Data: These articles demonstrate loading data from various data sources, including AWS S3 buckets, URLs, and files.

Writing and Reading a Record: Shows you how to write individual data records to Apperate and read them back.

Managing Your Data: This section provides guides that explain dataset schemas and that demonstrate data normalization, creating views, and creating datasets via the Datasets API.

Interacting With Your Data: These articles introduce Apperate API basics, show how to query datasets, and demonstrate updating data.


IEX Cloud documentation for the legacy plan subscribers is at