IEX Cloud Core Financial Data#

IEX Cloud Apperate comes with 5+ terabytes of built-in data to power fintech applications and more. Here are some of the data types:

  • Stocks / Equities

  • Forex / Currencies

  • Options

  • Futures

  • Commodities

  • Economic Data

  • Rates

  • News

  • Symbols / Mappings

The data is available via REST endpoints and datasets that you can SQL JOIN with other datasets to make views–views get REST endpoints automatically too.

You can explore and work with the financial data in the API Reference and in the Console.


If you don’t already have an IEX Cloud Apperate account, you can create one here.

Exploring the API Endpoints#

In the API Reference, the IEX Cloud Data section lists the core financial data endpoint pages.

For example, the image below shows the Cash Flow endpoint’s reference page.

Each endpoint reference page describes the endpoint and provides endpoint examples (try them), data timing, update schedule, query parameters, and response attributes.

You can get financial data by calling the REST endpoints.

See Querying Core Data to learn more.

Working with IEX Cloud Data in the Console#

The console (requires an Apperate plan) provides information on and a SQL interface to IEX Cloud Data.

Browse the IEX Cloud Data datasets.

Click the name of a dataset to access its Overview and Database pages. You can query data in the Database page’s built-in SQL editor.

You can also create database views, export results to CSV files, and more.

Each Overview pages give you the endpoint data statistics, an example endpoint URL to execute (click it), and access to the endpoint reference page.

The Overview provides these things:

  • Example request you can execute (click it) and use as basis for your requests

  • Open Docs link to the endpoint reference page

  • Dataset statistics

    • Row count

    • Last update time

    • Oldest row date

    • Newest row date

The IEX Cloud Data continues to flow into Apperate and its symbols are normalized across financial identifiers–so you can use Nasdaq symbols to query datasets that use other supported financial identifier standards, such as FIGI, ISIN, and more.

What’s Next#

Now that you’ve been introduced to IEX Cloud Core Financial Data, here’s what you can do next.

Explore Data Bundles - The data bundle pages describe the data bundles you can purchase, link to each REST endpoint doc, and mention guides to start using the endpoints.

Start Using Core Financial Data - These articles demonstrate querying IEX Cloud Data, joining data to make views, and leveraging normalized financial symbols.