Real-Time Data Store

Serverless, Real-Time Data Store

Purpose built real-time data store with time-series and SQL support to power your event-driven applications.

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Stock Prices, Company Data, and Forex Rates

Build real-time applications in no time

Make your data immediately actionable throughout your business

Real-time events in time-series tables

Collect millions of data points per second into time-series tables so you can quickly and easily analyze your data.

Schema driven validation

Most data issues are found during runtime. Quickly take action on invalid data with real-time validation before your data is saved. 

Standard SQL

Easily shape your data into products with views using standard SQL.

Database export visual example

With our Real-Time Data Store, you have countless possibilities

Here are just a few examples:

  • Enrich with core financial data

    Enrich a customer watch list with the latest news for each of the watch list equities.

  • Investment analysis

    Provide real-time valuation metrics to enable investment decisions.

  • Real-time event state

    Deliver real-time user experiences by synchronizing application state with change events.

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