A Continuous Intelligence Platform for Processing Events at Scale

Build event-driven applications. Monitor real-time data. Act on changes.

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Stock Prices, Company Data, and Forex Rates

Consume and Act on Data Without Writing Code

Build custom event-driven alerts and data-driven conditions.

Event-Driven Architecture

Easily build loosely coupled, event-driven architectures to help you deliver product outcomes faster.

Event Producer and Consumer Integration

Quickly integrate event producers and consumers without needing to write custom code or manage servers.

Intelligent Data Filters

Build intelligent data filters and run complex conditional logic at the edge.

With Apperate's Event Processor, you have countless possibilities.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Real-Time alerts

    Take alerts to the next level using stateful rules across any number of data streams. Send alerts using any of our integrated connectors, or build your own connector with the open source toolkit.

  • Increase developer agility

    Remove the need to coordinate across business and service teams by interacting on real-time data streams using a no-code UI.

  • Publish to trigger desired actions

    Publish alerts to downstream systems or directly to users in order to take action​.

  • Upgrade your real-time workflows

    Skip the database and act on data in motion. Run stateful conditional logic across multiple data streams, enrich on the fly without joins, and then store in Apperate or publish to an external service.

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With a two-step connection, create alerts on streaming data or deliver data via API

Coinbase (BETA)

Connect to the Coinbase trading platform and get real-time alerts on crypto price changes.


Track token events on Ethereum blockchain, such as creating real-time alerts on holder/wallet transfers, and/or react to smart contract executions.


Readily generate API endpoints out of your Views to deliver transformed data right into your application.