Write Data#

Apperate provides simple, fast ways to store varying amounts of data. We group them into two camps:

Writing data: Writing small amounts of data (one record or a few) in real-time.

Loading data: Importing variable amounts of data from a data source such as a file, URL, S3 bucket. Apperate’s console and APIs support scheduling, monitoring, and detailed logging for data imports.

What’s more is both ways have options for creating a dataset schema for you automatically, if you don’t already one.

The following articles get you started with storing data to Apperate.

Writing Data#

Write Data with the apperate.write() JS Method and Write Data Records with POST /record demonstrate writing data records in a fast, light-weight manner. Their asynchronous option supports making multiple write calls simultaneously, writing records in parallel. By default these real-time writes are synchronous, returning a response after the data is available to query.

Loading Data#

Apperate’s data loading features are great for batch-writing data from various sources. Here are the data loading articles:

Enjoy writing and loading data into Apperate to support your applications!