Work with IEX Cloud Financial Time Series Data in the Console#

The Console is a helpful place to start working with IEX Cloud Financial Data. Here are some of the things it enables you to do:

  • Browse IEX Cloud Data endpoints

  • See live sample HTTP requests

  • Execute example requests in a browser tab

  • Create custom views using SQL JOIN

  • View endpoint metadata

  • Visit endpoint reference docs


IEX Cloud Apperate account - Create one here.

The console’s IEX Cloud Data page lists the IEX Cloud Financial Data endpoints.


If there are grayed-out data endpoints you want, purchase the Data Bundles they belong to. The Data Bundles are available to purchase in the Console.

Let’s explore IEX Cloud Financial Data in the console.

Get Data Overviews#

Click a data endpoint name, such as Cash Flow. Its data Overview appears.

Here’s what each overview provides:

  • Example HTTP request URL to copy or to click on to execute in a new browser tab

  • HTTP Request interface to see live query results

  • Open Docs link to the endpoint’s reference documentation

  • Row count

  • Last udpated note

  • Newest row timestamp

  • Oldest row timestamp

The image above highlights an Example request you can execute.

Execute Example Requests#

Click an Example request. Your browser sends the request and shows the response. For example, here’s a response from the Cash Flow endpoint example request.

    "capitalExpenditures": -9302000,
    "cashChange": 121994000,
    "cashFlow": 123337000,
    "cashFlowFinancing": 215693000,
    "changesInInventories": 447727000,
    "changesInReceivables": 546649000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "depreciation": 26434000,
    "dividendsPaid": null,
    "exchangeRateEffect": null,
    "filingType": "10-Q",
    "fiscalDate": "2023-01-31",
    "fiscalQuarter": 1,
    "fiscalYear": 2023,
    "investingActivityOther": null,
    "investments": null,
    "netBorrowings": 848028000,
    "netIncome": 104261000,
    "otherFinancingCashFlows": null,
    "reportDate": "2023-02-23",
    "symbol": "NDSN",
    "totalInvestingCashFlows": -387136000,
    "id": "CASH_FLOW",
    "key": "NDSN",
    "subkey": "quarterly",
    "date": 1675123200000,
    "updated": 1677687456000

You can copy and modify the request URL to filter on data you want. See Query IEX Cloud Financial Time Series Data for details.

View the Database#

Click on the Database tab (next to the Overview tab). A SQL editor and data viewer appear.

The query results show in a table below the SQL editor. The Database page allows you to do these things:

Open Endpoint Docs#

On the Overview page, you can visit the endpoint documentation by clicking Open Docs. The endpoint reference page appears. For example, here is the Cash Flow endpoint reference page.

Now you know where you can examine endpoint data, get to endpoint docs fast, and start creating views.

What’s Next#

Now that you’ve had a tour of IEX Cloud Financial Data in the console, here are more things you can do with the data.

Query IEX Cloud Financial Time Series Data - Use key, subkey, and date indexes to get the exact data you want from time series endpoints.

Create a View - SQL JOIN datasets to create custom views–they get their own endpoints automatically!

Leverage Normalized Financial Symbols - You can query equivalent financial symbols across supported financial identifiers.

Query Data - Explore querying data using batch data queries and the iexjs JavaScript client.

Stream data - Connect with data streams and filter on specific symbols or get EVERYTHING in firehose mode.