Getting Real-Time Core Financial Data#

The IEX Cloud API is based on REST, has resource-oriented URLs, returns JSON-encoded responses, and returns standard HTTP response codes. We support JSONP for all endpoints.

The API’s base URL comprises the API’s domain and latest version.

Base URL:

As an example of getting real-time core data, you’ll call the stock quote endpoint to get the latest quote for a stock.


  • IEX Cloud Apperate account - Create one here.

Getting a Stock Quote#

Here we’ll get the latest quote for Apple.

  1. Open the Legacy API Reference in your browser. The IEX Cloud API Reference appears.

  2. Navigate to the Core Data → Stocks / Equities → Quote reference page. The Quote reference page appears.

    We’ll call the GET /stock/{symbol}/quote method to get an entire quote.

  3. In a browser, enter a request URL to get a stock quote for Apple, following this URL format:

    BASE_URL + /stock/{symbol}/quote + TOKEN

    Here’s the URL to enter, replacing {symbol} with aapl and TOKEN with your token value.

    The endpoint returns the quote in the response as a JSON object like this one:

        "avgTotalVolume": 66796228,
        "calculationPrice": "tops",
        "change": 1.765,
        "changePercent": 0.01054,
        "close": 167.53,
        "closeSource": "official",
        "closeTime": 1661371200838,
        "companyName": "Apple Inc",
        "currency": "USD",
        "delayedPrice": 169.12,
        "delayedPriceTime": 1661451155481,
        "extendedChange": -0.515,
        "extendedChangePercent": -0.00304,
        "extendedPrice": 168.78,
        "extendedPriceTime": 1661434199996,
        "high": 169.92,
        "highSource": "15 minute delayed price",
        "highTime": 1661451155481,
        "iexAskPrice": 170,
        "iexAskSize": 1005,
        "iexBidPrice": 161.87,
        "iexBidSize": 112,
        "iexClose": 169.295,
        "iexCloseTime": 1661452054786,
        "iexLastUpdated": 1661452054786,
        "iexMarketPercent": 0.018660376776247826,
        "iexOpen": 168.78,
        "iexOpenTime": 1661434200050,
        "iexRealtimePrice": 169.295,
        "iexRealtimeSize": 1,
        "iexVolume": 622237,
        "lastTradeTime": 1661452054786,
        "latestPrice": 169.295,
        "latestSource": "IEX real time price",
        "latestTime": "2:27:34 PM",
        "latestUpdate": 1661452054786,
        "latestVolume": 33345361,
        "low": 168.35,
        "lowSource": "IEX real time price",
        "lowTime": 1661446142401,
        "marketCap": 2720697959840,
        "oddLotDelayedPrice": 169.11,
        "oddLotDelayedPriceTime": 1661451155653,
        "open": 168.68,
        "openTime": 1661434200590,
        "openSource": "official",
        "peRatio": 27.98,
        "previousClose": 167.53,
        "previousVolume": 53841524,
        "primaryExchange": "NASDAQ",
        "symbol": "AAPL",
        "volume": 33345361,
        "week52High": 182.19,
        "week52Low": 128.86,
        "ytdChange": -0.04209681715828372,
        "isUSMarketOpen": true


    The Quote reference page describes the response attributes.

Congratulations! You know how to get IEX Cloud production-ready financial data for your apps.

What’s Next#

Now that you know how to get real-time IEX Cloud data, explore the Legacy API Reference for more data to use in your apps.

If you’re interested in historical time series data, check out Getting Time Series Core Financial Data.

If you need to store application data, learn how at Write and Read a Record.