Supported Exchanges#

IEX Cloud offers real-time **, 15-minute delayed, intraday, and historical prices for securities listed on U.S. equity exchanges. The platform also offers historical end-of-day stock prices for securities listed on non-U.S. exchanges.

Current Exchange Coverage#

Following our platform’s expansion on December 1, 2020, the Historical Prices endpoint offers end-of-day historical prices from an even wider range of exchanges around the world. You can see a full list of these exchanges below, plus the approximate number of symbols that will be covered through our Historical Prices endpoint from each venue.

Due to licensing requirements, we are not able to provide historical stock prices for certain non-U.S. exchanges. These additional exchanges will still show up in our ref data, as we may serve data for symbols listed on those exchanges for other endpoints. See below for more details.


The number of symbols available with each exchange below is subject to change and fluctuate.

Partial Data Coverage from Other Exchanges#

In addition to the exchanges listed above, for a handful of other non-U.S. exchanges, we have partial coverage across a limited number of endpoints and fields due to exchange-specific licensing requirements.

For instance, you may find data for a given symbol on our Company endpoint, but not see coverage for that symbol on our Historical Prices endpoint.

For this reason, the following exchanges and their symbols are still returned in our reference data.

  • Australian Stock Exchange (XASX)

  • Bursa Malaysia (XKLS)

  • Bucharest Stock Exchange (XBSE)

  • Italian Stock Exchange (MTAA)

  • Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (XKAZ)

  • Moscow Exchange (MISX)

  • NZX, New Zealand’s Exchange (XNZX)

  • Philippine Stock Exchange Inc. (XPHS)

  • Sarajevo Stock Exchange (XSSE)

  • Singapore Exchange (XSES)

  • Stock Exchange of Thailand (XBKK)

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (XJPX)

  • Vienna Stock Exchange (XWBO)

* For Nasdaq-listed stocks only, certain data is only available through IEX Cloud if you are authorized by UTP directly, and also are under a paid plan with IEX Cloud. Learn more here.

** Real-time data available through IEX Cloud is different from real-time data available from the Investors Exchange via direct connection.