Dataset Overview Page#


Apperate and its features (including this feature) are deprecated.

The Overview page summarizes the dataset’s characteristics, links to dataset management pages, and provides a means to share permissioned access to the dataset’s API endpoint.

Here are the various parts of the overview.

General Information#

The following fields include an example request and general dataset details.

Example request is a clickable REST endpoint URL that returns the dataset’s last row. It’s a helpful starting point to base data queries on.

Rows: Row count

Dataset size: Storage space used by the dataset, including its indexes

Created on: Dataset creation timestamp

Last updated: Timestamp of last data modification

Detected symbol: Dataset property mapped to IEX Cloud’s symbolic metadata graph. This associates the property’s values with equivalent supported financial identifiers. See Understanding Datasets for complete details.

Edit Schema#

The Edit button opens a page for viewing and modifying the dataset and its schema.

Ingest Data#

The Ingest button opens a page for loading additional data into the dataset from configured data sources.

HTTP Request#

The section’s main area shows an example GET /data request and the resulting response.

The top of the section has two buttons:

  • API Docs opens the dataset’s API documentation page.

  • Share Docs opens a page for copying a shareable API docs URL, including a permissioned, publishable token for accessing the dataset’s API.

Monthly Dataset Operations#

The Monthly Dataset Operations section lists the number of dataset record reads, writes, updates, and deletes.

Monthly Token Operations#

The Monthly Token Operations section aggregates the record reads, writes, updates, and deletes by API token.

Delete Dataset#

The Delete Dataset button enables you to remove the dataset.