Filter on Custom Dataset Events#

Apperate Rules can listen for data streaming to your custom datasets. You can filter on specific data events and send notifications about them.

For example, you could send email alerts on customer stock bid requests stored to your custom dataset.

The image below shows a schema for storing bids from customers.

Here you’ll configure a rule in the console that sends bid alert emails like the one below.


You can create rules using the API too. For guidance and examples of creating rules using the API, see Create Rules and Alerts Using the API .

Let’s create this rule to send bid alerts.

Set Conditions to Trigger Your Rule#

We will create a rule to trigger on either of the following conditions:

  • Bid is for 100 or more shares

  • Bid price is $100.00 or more


  1. Go to the Console in your browser and sign in if you have not already.

  2. Next to Rules in the sidebar, click the + icon to start creating a rule. The rule conditions page appears.

  3. At the top of the conditions form, select Any to set the rule trigger on any of the conditions we’re configuring.

  4. Enter both of the conditions.

    Here’s what the fact selections look like for the example dataset columns.

    The completed conditions should look like the image below.


    Alternatively, if you create rules using the API, you can use the GET /rules/schema endpoint to get facts from custom dataset entities and use the GET /data endpoint to get fact values.

  5. Advance to the next page by clicking Go to Outputs. The outputs page appears.

Configure Your Outputs#

Here you’ll configure the notification type and its frequency, and you’ll specify additional information to send in your notifications.

  1. Select the alert type you want.

  2. Configure the alert details, including the wait time between alerts.

  3. Select any additional indexes to output.

    The image below shows an email alert configuration and these additional output indexes: the customer ID, symbol, shares, and price data.

  4. When you’re done configuring the outputs, click Go to Summary. The rule summary page appears.

Create Your Rule#

If everything looks good in the rule summary, click Create Rule. The rule activates immediately and shows in blue on Rules page.

You can click on your rule to focus on its stats.

When incoming data satisfies your rule conditions, your rule sends the alert you configured. The Sent number increments with each rule sent.

Here’s what an email looks like from the rule above.

Now you can listen for important data streaming to your custom datasets and send helpful alerts about the events.

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