Process Events#

Apperate’s Rules Engine uses event-based rules push alerts and data where you want 20+ ways, including SMS, email, webhooks, Slack, and more. You can create rules on real-time events on IEX Cloud Data, including stocks and market events, or on events from connected data sources. When an event satisfies your rule’s conditions, your alert fires and includes the condition datapoints and any additional datapoints you specify.

Rules Engine helps you notify people and deliver data how and when you want, by providing these benefits:

  • No coding required. Deliver data through a simple dashboard where you can configure alerts with a few button clicks.

  • Custom delivery. Specify precise conditions for event triggers and choose from a range of alert delivery mechanisms such as SMS, email, webhook, Slack, and more.

  • Complex use cases made easy. Incorporate multiple datasets (from IEX Cloud Data or your connected data sources) into rule conditions and into datapoints delivered in the alerts.

In the images below, see how easy it is to create rules–no code required!

Set conditions on IEX Cloud Data, including stocks and market events, or on events from connected data sources.

Then set actions on those events, such as sending messages via email, SMS, webhooks, and more.

Managing your rules is easy from the Rules dashboard.

Some Use Cases#

Rules Engine helps make financial data more accessible for technical and non-technical users alike. While the functionality has a variety of applications, here are several important use cases:

Get data without technical setup: Instead of setting up API requests, you can configure a series of rules through our simple dashboard. For instance, you can configure Rules Engine to send you minute-by-minute price data as it’s available throughout the day.

Easily filter for complex conditions across a range of datasets: Layer and combine conditions into a single rule. For instance, send yourself an SMS when a given stock has a market cap over $200B and has an intraday price change more than 3%.

Monitor data more efficiently: Rather than continuously querying data to monitor whether a specific event has occurred, such as a given company releasing earnings, you can create a rule that fires a notification for you. This saves you time and effort.

What’s Next#

Creating Rules and Sending Alerts gets you started processing events in the Console!

Creating a Rule Using the API shows you the programatic approach to creating rules.

Managing Rules Using the API demonstrates rule management via the API.