Set Event Conditions#

You can set a rule to trigger on one or more event conditions. The events can come from IEX Cloud Data Bundles or from supported data sources. For example, here is a condition for the last Apple stock sale price on IEX.

The rule fires when Apple’s last stock sale price on IEX is above $165.

Here you’ll create one or more conditions to trigger your rule. You’ll start by launching the Create a Rule wizard and then set your rule conditions.


Workspace - Create a workspace to hold your rules and other Apperate components you create.

Launch the Create a Rule Wizard#

In the top left of the Console, click Create a Rule–it’s a bright pink button; you can’t miss it.

The wizard displays the condition editor.

Start setting a condition by drilling down to a fact that you want to filter on.

Select the Scope for a Fact#

Event facts are scoped by Workspace and Namespace.

Here are descriptions of the Workspace/Namespace combinations:

  • Core > Market - U.S. market data

  • Core > Stock - Stock data

  • YOURWORKSPACE > Dataset - Private workspace dataset data

Here’s how you can select fact scope:

For a Core > Market or Core > Stock fact,

  1. Select the CORE workspace.

  2. Select the Market or STOCK namespace.

For a Workspace > Dataset fact,

  1. Select your workspace name.

  2. Select DATASET for your namespace.

If you want to create a condition on data that you have not yet connected with (supported data sources include URLs, AWS, MySQL, Ethereum, Coinbase BETA), follow these steps:

  1. Connect with a data source.

  2. Return here to select your workspace name.

  3. Select DATASET for your namespace.

Great! You’ve selected your event scope. It’s time to select a fact in that scope.

Select a Fact#

Select a fact in the current scope. For example, the image below shows facts for a Core Stock symbol.

For a Core > Stock fact,

  1. Select a Symbol.

  2. Select a stock Fact for the Symbol.

For a Core > Market fact,

  1. Select US for Entity.

  2. Select a market Fact.

For a Workspace > Dataset fact,

  1. Select a Dataset.

  2. Select a column from the dataset.


The Data Bundles you purchase including the ones listed below determine the Core facts you can choose from. You can purchase Data Bundles in the Console.

Now that you’ve selected a fact, set a conditional and value to compare the fact value with.

Set a Conditional and Value#

Select one of your fact’s conditionals.

Select Use value to compare with a literal value or select Use data to compare with another fact.

Compare with a Value

Compare with another Fact

Optionally Add More Conditions#

You can build all the condition logic you want by adding more conditions (just click Add Condition to add more). For example, below is a rule with multiple conditions.

Note: At the top of the page, you can select All (the default) to trigger only when all the conditions are met or select Any to trigger when any of the conditions are met.

When you’re done setting your rule’s conditions, advance to the next page to set the rule’s alert.

What’s Next#

Set an Alert to set the alert destination and optionally enrich the alert content with additional facts.