Using Apperate’s APIs#

Apperate’s APIs are based on REST, have resource-oriented URLs, and return JSON-encoded responses and standard HTTP response codes.

The Apperate API Reference ( site describes Apperate’s data endpoints and APIs.

The tutorials in this section compliment the API Reference by demonstrating how to complete different tasks using the APIs.

Here are some of the API-related topics.

Querying Data#

The Data API’s GET /data endpoint returns data from the dataset you specify. The endpoint supports using windowing functions for Querying Datasets. Your Datasets pages and IEX Cloud Core Datasets pages describe each dataset’s GET /data endpoint parameters and response attributes.

The Example Request on each dataset’s Overview page demonstrates using the GET /data endpoint on that dataset.

Querying Datasets demonstrates applying windowing functions to the queries.

Other Data Operations#

Instructions for creating, reading, updating, and deleting (CRUD) data records are in this section’s articles. The Data API reference pages describe the endpoints.

Getting an API OAS Document#

The GET /openapi-doc endpoint returns a JSON file that specifies the Apperate APIs per the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). You can generate a client SDK for your favorite language using the JSON file.

What’s Next#

  • Apperate API Reference: Visit the API Reference to get familiar with Apperate’s APIs.

  • Query Data: Query data using Apperate’s Data API or using the iex.js library.