Troubleshoot Invalid Data Records#


Apperate and its features (including this feature) are deprecated.

While ingesting data or re-ingesting data for a dataset schema update, Apperate reports invalid records and excludes them from ingestion. Here’s how to troubleshoot the invalid records.

  1. Go to Logs in the console.

    The Logs page appears.

  2. Select the Ingestion Jobs tab. The Ingestion Jobs page appears.

  3. Check the job’s Invalid Records column. The document icon in the Invalid Records column links to the ingestion job’s invalid record list.

  4. Click the Invalid Records icon to view or download the invalid records CSV file.

  5. Copy the record data and fix it to make it valid.

  6. Add the record to the target dataset using one of these ways:

Awesome! You’re a troubleshooting expert.