Schedule Data Ingestion#


Apperate and its features (including this feature) are deprecated.

Apperate facilitates data ingestion from data sources at regular intervals. Schedules are easy to set up, manage, and monitor. You can enable a schedule and disable/pause it as you like.


IEX Cloud Apperate account - Create one here.


  • Data Source: A connected data source, such as an AWS S3 Bucket or URL.

  • Dataset: Provides the table and schema for storing and indexing the data.

Configuring Your Schedule#

  1. Go to Data Sources. A listing of your data sources appears.

  2. Click the Schedules tab. A listing of your ingestion schedules appears.

  3. Start creating an ingestion schedule by clicking Create a schedule. The Create an ingestion schedule page appears.

  4. Specify the schedule details–you’ll tackle the frequency in the next step.

    Schedule Name: A unique name for your schedule.

    Description (optional): Describe your scheduled ingestion.

    Destination Data Source: An existing data source. To browse your data sources, go to Sources → Data Sources.

    Dataset: The data destination. To browse your datasets, go to Data and select your workspace dropdown.

  5. In the Frequency section, specify the start time and interval for data ingestion.

    You can specify the frequency using either of these ways:

    • Leave Use custom selected and specify the start time (UTC) and frequency using cron notation.

    • Unselect Use custom and specify the start time (UTC) and frequency in the Minutes, Hour, or Daily tab.

    When you’ve completed entering the frequency, click Create Schedule.

    Your schedule is created and enabled. The Ingestion Schedules page appears with your schedule in the list.

    Here’s what a schedule looks like in the list.

If your schedule has a start time, data ingestion starts then. Otherwise, the ingestion starts immediately.

Ingestions run per the interval specified in your schedule. The Last Run and Next Run values show the timestamp of the last data ingestion and the time remaining until the next data ingestion. The Last 30 Days column notes the dataset rows added and error count.

For a schedule that uses an AWS S3 source, Apperate ingests all files that match the file pattern and have a last modified timestamp (per the bucket) that’s newer than the previously uploaded file.

Pausing Your Schedule#

You can pause your schedule whenever you like. This disables further ingestions.

To pause ingestions for your schedule, select on your schedule in the list and click Pause at the top of the list.


Pausing a schedule DOES NOT stop any current ingestion, it only disables upcoming ingestions.


The Ingestion Schedules page continues to show the time until the next data ingestion for each schedule. This gives you context for enabling the schedules with regards to their upcoming ingestions.

Re-enabling Your Schedule#

To re-enable your ingestion schedule, select on your schedule in the list and click Enable at the top of the list. Your ingestions run per your schedule.

What’s Next#