Access S3 via Your Access Key#

An easy way to connect with your AWS S3 bucket is using your AWS access key. An access key and secret can be stored (encrypted) and accessed in your Apperate workspace as credentials instance. Each credentials instance has an access key and secret access key value.

Adding your AWS S3 credentials#

Here’s how to add your AWS S3 credentials:

  1. In IEX Cloud console, start creating an AWS integration by going to Data Sources; then click the Credentials tab. A listing of your credentials appears.

  2. Click Add credential. The Add Credential page appears.

    Enter your AWS IAM user’s access key ID and secret access key. For information on managing access keys, refer to the AWS documentation. After entering your ID and key, click Save. The credentials list appears and includes your newly added credential.

Now your credentials are available to use with your AWS S3 buckets.


Access key IDs and access secrets are encrypted in the IEX Cloud database. Your credential access key IDs and access secrets are visible only in your workspace.

What’s Next?#

Now that you’ve configured credentials for your bucket, you can load your bucket data into Apperate for delivering to your apps.

If you’re interested in granting Apperate’s S3 user read access to the bucket instead of using AWS credentials, see Access S3 via Storage Integration.