Prorated Credits#

While IEX Cloud monthly subscriptions renew at the start of every calendar month, you can sign up for a paid plan or upgrade at any time. When you upgrade or sign up for a monthly paid plan in the middle of a calendar month, the total cost of your first invoice is prorated.

Correspondingly, for the rest of your first calendar month, your plan will also include a prorated number of credits based on when you signed up in the month.

“prorated_messages” on the Credit Use Page#


Note that we recently updated the term messages to credits. They mean the same thing – we just updated the terminology to make their usage and definition clearer. You may notice the term prorated_messages in your Console, which is the same thing as prorated credits.

In the IEX Cloud Console, navigate to Credits → Credit Use. Beneath Credit Use by Endpoint, notice the label prorated_messages. prorated_messages shows you the difference between your regular credit allocation and your prorated credit allocation.

For example, if you sign up on September 15, you will only be invoiced for about half of the standard subscription amount and receive half the number of credits allocated for that subscription plan on a monthly basis. Normal billing and credit allocations will resume at the start of the following month.

Note that annual plans are not prorated. The annual term begins on the day you sign up and ends a full year later. For instance, if you signed up on January 15, 2022, your plan will renew on January 15, 2023.