Credits and Pricing#

Our pricing now operates a lot like other cloud database tools. It’s also designed to be one-to-one with how much you use the system, without complex if-this-then-that calculations.

How Credits Work#

One credit equates to any of the following:

  • 1 GB of storage - storage of your data and your indexes, including your Unique Index components: primary, secondary, and date indexes.

  • 1 million reads*

  • 1 million writes or updates

  • 10 GB of data transfer out – that’s for any data transferred out of Apperate. It doesn’t matter which dataset you’re transferring from – it can be 10 GB of fundamentals data, 10 GB of stock data, or 10 GB of your own data that you’re storing in Apperate.

You also get 5+ TB of Core Financial Data, curated in Apperate by IEX Cloud. See Production-Ready IEX Cloud Core Financial Data.

There are three plans: Launch, Grow, and Scale. Each offers a usage-based payment structure and comes with a starting monthly rate. At the end of each month, you receive a bill for the credits you used; at a minimum you are charged your plan’s monthly rate.


You cannot exceed your plan’s Storage Amount. Apperate blocks any attempt to exceed the Storage Amount. You must upgrade your plan (see AccountManage Plan) to store more data.

* Unlike other cloud databases that charge based on table scans and/or data blocks, a read on Apperate equates to getting a whole record/row.


If there are grayed-out datasets you want to use, upgrade your plan. To upgrade, click one of the grayed-out datasets and click the Upgrade button that appears. Otherwise, upgrade your plan at AccountManage Plan.

Go Month-to-Month or Annual (And Get a 37% Discount)#

You can get the flexibility of month-to-month billing, or get a 37% discount for an annual minimum use commitment.

Added Benefits of New Annual Plans vs Legacy Annual Plans#

With our new annual billing, you don’t pay for usage until you pass your minimum use commitment anytime throughout the year. Upgrading to our new annual plans gives you an added benefit compared to our legacy annual plans, where unused credits expire at the end of each month.

See also

The FAQs provide additional answers to credit and pricing related questions.

What’s Next#

Now that you understand Apperate pricing, you can get started with using Apperate. Here are some topics to get you started: