Cloud Cache

Simple, fully managed data cache

Efficiently consume credits on IEX Cloud, without having to set up your own data storage infrastructure.

We're here to help you scale

Fully Managed

No servers to manage. No databases to purchase. Cloud Cache automates data storage, scaling, high availability, monitoring, and administration.

Move Faster

We manage the complexity of data infrastructure so you can focus on building for your users, rather than spending time on server setup or optimizing your credit usage.


Choose the right cache size to fit your cost and data requirements.

How it works

Full credit amount is charged only when data is not available in Cloud Cache or the data has changed, and so is fetched from the Cloud API. Each request that is available in Cloud Cache applies a credit weight of 1 for each unit, as opposed to the per unit weighting shown in our documentation under the "Data Weighting" header for an endpoint.
Batch queries count as 1 cache slot per symbol + type combination.

Cloud Cache Examples

Caching estimate data for AAPL

Initial Call

Estimate is requested{YOUR_TOKEN}

10,000 credits used

1 cache slot is used to store the data

Future Call

Estimate is requested

Data is found in Cloud Cache

1 credit used

Caching data with batch call

Initial Batch Call

Batch Request for AAPL and BAC last quarterly earnings and financials,BAC&types=financials,earnings&token={YOUR_TOKEN}

12,000 credits used

4 cache slots are used to store the data

Future Call

Last quarterly earnings and financials are requested for AAPL, BAC, and FB,BAC,FB&types=financials,earnings&token={YOUR_TOKEN}

Data is found in Cloud Cache for AAPL, and BAC. Most recent quarterly earnings and financial for FB pulled from Cloud API

2 credits used for data fetched from Cache. 6,000 credits used for FB data pulled from API. 2 more cache slots are used to store FB earnings and financials

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