March 1, 2021

This Month Only: Enjoy Free and Discounted Premium Datasets from IEX Cloud

If youʼve wanted to explore Premium Data, nowʼs the perfect time! Our partners came together to give you the best deal yet. For the month of March, enjoy free or discounted access to select endpoints.

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IEX Cloud Team

If you've wanted to explore Premium Data, now's the perfect time! Our partners came together to give you the best deal yet. For the month of March, enjoy free or discounted access to select endpoints.

Premium Data is specialized, curated data sourced from third-party data creators. Check out the list below to see Premium Datasets available at a discounted rate (or for free!) during March.

Premium Data can be requested as an addition to your paid subscription and is available through the same IEX Cloud API. New to Premium Data? Learn more in our Help Center.

How to take advantage of these special deals

1. Log into your paid IEX Cloud account. If you're new to the platform or currently on a free plan, sign up for an Individual or Business plan to access Premium Data.

Sign up for an Individual or Business plan

2. Add Premium Data credits to your account on the add-ons page. If you're only downloading a free report, Premium Data credits aren't necessary. However, to purchase other Premium Data, you'll need to have Premium Data credits added to your account first.

Learn more below under "Premium Data billing."

Buy Premium Data Credits

3. Request access to data on the Premium Data page of the IEX Cloud Console.

For many datasets, you'll be granted access right away. However, a couple require partner approval and it could be a few business days before your access is activated.

Request access

4. Start accessing data!

Click the links for participating partners below to see how to use each endpoint. Special rates will automatically be applied once you begin consuming data. Enjoy exploring!

Participating partners

New Constructs: FREE report

New Constructs' research uses best-in-class fundamentals data to provide insights into the profitability and valuation of public and private companies. Make more informed investing decisions based on true, not reported or distorted, earnings. Research covers 3,000+ stocks, 400+ ETFs, and 7,000+ mutual funds.

ValuEngine: FREE report

ValueEngine provides extensively back-tested research reports that brings data-driven insights to individual investors, covering over 5,000 stocks with Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations, stock valuations, and forecasted target prices.

Brain: Up to 90% off (Only 30,000 credits per API call)

Brain uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to develop proprietary signals and algorithms for investment strategies. Access any Brain dataset for only 30,000 credits per API call.

Wall Street Horizon: Permanent updates to pricing (80% off previous data weights)

Access comprehensive corporate event data, such as buybacks, M&A, and more. Wall Street Horizon monitors multiple primary sources of corporate event data, including press releases, company websites, SEC filings, and corporate IR information. Its process uses proprietary algorithms for information combined with the team's proactive outreach to corporate IR officers.

Great news – Wall Street Horizon's new pricing is here to stay! Check out our API documentation to see the updated data weights.

Precision Alpha: 75% off all datasets

Get a series of market analysis measurements, calculated using closing price data from the past six months for all NASDAQ listed and NYSE listed equities.

Extract Alpha: 25% off all datasets

Access curated alternative data for investors, including Extract Alpha's ESGEvents Library and stock selection models. The Tactical Model (TM1) helps identify stocks that are likely to reverse, while the Cross-Asset Model (CAM1) scores thousands of U.S. equities based on options market participants.

We hope you enjoy exploring new data! If you have additional questions about Premium Data, check out our Help Center or email us at

Premium Data billing

Since Premium Data is sourced directly from curated third-party data creators, billing for Premium Data works a little differently from our other datasets.

Rather than using the credits (previously known as messages) that come each month with your plan, you'll use Premium Data credits. If you're on a legacy Launch, Grow, or Scale plan, you may also use certain amounts of pay-as-you-go credits.

Premium Data credits are a payment method that allows you to purchase Premium Data usage upfront in bulk. With our paid plans, you can purchase any amount of Premium Data credits at any time, with a minimum of $20 per purchase.

Learn more about Premium Data billing

How much data usage do I get with each dollar of Premium Data credits?

When you purchase Premium Data credits, you''ll notice that you purchase in dollar amounts. Our Premium Data endpoints, on the hand, are priced in credits.

For instance – you might purchase $50 worth of Premium Data credits, with the plan of using a Premium Data endpoint with a data weight of 100,000 credits per API call.

The dollar-to-credit conversion depends on your plan. For our Business and Individual plans, you can purchase credits for Premium Data use at $1 per 1 million credits. For instance, $20 would provide 20,000,000 credits.

For our legacy plans, Premium Data is charged at the cost of your pay-as-you-go credit rate:

  • Launch: $1 per 1 million credits
  • Grow: $1 per 2 million credits
  • Scale: $1 per 3 million credits