July 7, 2023

A Closer Look at Web3 Connectors on Apperate

Inside our Latest Additions for Crypto Market Data and Blockchain Data

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Financial data is messy; crypto trading and blockchain data can be messier. Our new connectors to Ethereum and Coinbase condense the work of extracting, translating, and coding into an easy-three step process so you can focus on getting your app to market faster.  

Why Apperate Is Offering Crypto Pricing and Blockchain Data Connectors:

When we launched Apperate, we had a decision to make with crypto market data and blockchain data: Include it in our offerings even though it would cost our customers more, or come up with a plan B. It wasn’t a tough call – we always want to deliver great value for our customers.  

Another reason why we deprecated our crypto pricing data is because the data is not standardized and is difficult to take real-time action on. Additionally, blockchains produce a ton of volume for developers to comb through.  

Enter our new beta Coinbase connector, which we’ve built for our users to connect to real-time crypto pricing data, easily identify what you’d like to take action on and write rules for.

Same goes for our Ethereum connector, which provides customers with a simple way to extract data from the blockchain, select the type of events they want to listen to, such as tracking transfers, and understanding the changes in volume.

Enter your credentials, identify the data you’d like, and Apperate delivers it right away.  

How It Works  

Here’s a closer look at our three-step process for working with connectors:

1. Create a connector: Configure a connection for streaming data from a supported source to an Apperate dataset.

2. Discover streams and select one: Data sources have one or more *streams*--the kinds of data the source provides. You'll learn how to list a source's streams and set a stream for your connector.

3. Start the connector: Enable connector data flow into Apperate.

Read our documentation for connecting to Ethereum data: https://iexcloud.io/documentation/connecting-to-data/connect-to-ethereum-data.html

Read our documentation for connecting to Coinbase data: https://iexcloud.io/documentation/connecting-to-data/connect-to-coinbase-data.html

web3 Data Use Cases and Examples

Crypto market and blockchain connectors allow you to monitor pricing changes, listen to blockchains and monitor on-chain transactions or changes in self-custodied wallets, get data and write alerts on it.  

Monitoring streaming data from Coinbase allows developers to spot anomalies in the price or trading volume of a particular digital asset, as well as unusual trading activity. Alerts can be created to trigger when a token's price drops by a certain amount in a short period of time, or when specific trading patterns indicate a sell-off or a breaking news event affecting the market. These alerts can be used by traders, investors, or financial institutions to help mitigate risks or take advantage of market opportunities.

Similarly, our sister company, Dispatch, an on-chain distributed commerce tool, is using Apperate’s Ethereum connector to track changes and transactions across web3 wallets and provide businesses with actionable analytics for better serving customers.  

What Additional Connectors Would You Like to See?

We built both our connectors for Ethereum and Coinbase with the massive scale and the utility they would provide to our users in mind. Our beta Coinbase connector, particularly, is the first of potentially many more Apperate will offer to manage real-time crypto price data at scale, especially in the US.  

So what other connectors would you like to see? As we drive our roadmap to make Apperate the best if can be, we welcome feedback from our users on other connectors of interest to them. What’s missing? Let us know at support@iexcloud.io.

More Resources  

Go here to learn more about our connectors, read our general connectors documentation or start a free trial.

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