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Make Your Real-Time Data Actionable

Easily turn real-time data into secure, fast APIs to accelerate application development.

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Turn raw data into a new API in minutes

Ultra fast low millisecond response times over billions of records

Faster development

Data is automatically schema validated and available through a standard API interface so you can focus on your application and not on the access layer.

Performance at scale

Scale from 1 user to millions instantly without managing infrastructure.

Flexible security and monitoring

Protect and monitor data access with API tokens and granular permissions. 

Unifying financial identifiers

With Our API Gateway, You Have Countless Possibilities

Here are just a few examples:

  • Share data instantly

    Forget ETL. Just work with raw data and use SQL to transform your data. Apperate guesses the best schema for your data and automatically creates an API endpoint. Read more here.

  • Automatic API contracts

    Automatic metadata APIs allow you to instrospect your data. Documentation pages are automatically generated and sharable within your team or external viewers. Read more here.

  • Build dynamic application UIs

    Consistent API format optimized with dynamic time-series parameters let you use the same access pattern for all your data so you write less code. Read more here.

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